Hi there, I’m Eric; I help people effectively discover, implement, and evolve software-based products and services as a Developer, Architect, and Development Manager. In recent years I have also been both a trainer and coach for development teams, both in development practices and processes–primarily Lean/Kanban and Scrum.

I occasionally write, mainly for clients or for this site. I am also occasionally a speaker for local meetup groups or conferences like Keep Austin Agile and Product Camp. I also facilitate workshops for developers.

I specialize in helping developers and teams work effectively with the rest of the business and have consulted with companies from the Fortune 500 down to startups. I have also helped build a business from being the first employee to seven figures in revenue.

Want to work together? I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me!

My Story

I am one of those people that got started with computers at an early age when it wasn’t that common. You’ve heard those kinds of stories told I’m sure so I won’t bore you with the details of mine. But through my parents I also was exposed to arts, crafts, electronics, ham radio, woodworking, carpentry, and many other pursuits. I added a love of (making) music and today I largely identify as a Maker and Craftsman.

Technical Journey

When I started working professionally Object-Oriented programming had become dominant and my career so far has been dominant in it. I missed the early days where Smalltalk reigned and only recently have experienced the push to return to roots Object-Orientation. These days I am adding on experience with functional programming which has seen a resurgence in popularity using languages both old and new.

I have worked on products from desktop software, to mobile software, to SaaS and cloud based infrastructure. I have been fortunate to work in some interesting domains including Financial Market Analysis and Trading Systems, Route Optimization and Scheduling, Contract Management, eDiscovery, Health Care, and eBook publishing.

Agile Journey

When I had a degree in Computer Science and a handfull of working years as a programmer under my belt I was introduced to something else–the Agile movement. I had experiences just enough frustration with the way things worked that when Extreme Programming appeared I found colleagues that were willing to try and it was a great experience. Since then I have been with companies and teams that explored other similar ways of working, primarily Scrum and Kanban.

In recent years I have worked as an Kanban/Scrum coach and as a Development Coach working with teams on technical practices. My views on agility have evolved over the years–something I’ll surely write about here–and I currently focus on values and principles rooted coaching and technical coaching.


I am open to interesting and fun consulting gigs, short-to-medium-term contracts, workshops and any exciting projects working with good people. If you think you have something we can work together on then get in touch.


For longer enquiries and questions, please send me an email.

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