Everywhere, The Game of Life

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If you have ever participated in a Coderetreat, you are likely to have implemented Conway’s Game of Life (GoL). It is a reasonably simple simulation of where cells evolve as an example of a Cellular Automaton. It is a well-suited exercise for Coderetreat since the rules are relatively simple, yet it presents the need for a good number of design choices. If you are unfamiliar with it, read the link above or check out The Game of Life: a beginner’s guide.

Like a person shopping for a car who suddenly notices all the models they are interested in while driving around town, I see implementations of Conway’s Game of Life everywhere. They are interesting to look at now and then, especially when I am not preparing for or in the middle of a Coderetreat.

Some recent finds:

You can see where some of my recent language interests lie by what I present here. I find it helpful to read the code in implementations of a problem I am already familiar with to practice code reading and learn about different implementation approaches.

Please let me know if you have seen a Game of Life implementation that you find interesting or insightful. Also, what code do you read for learning?

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